Rock climbing initiation



Rock climbing is getting very popular in the  recent years, the amount and variety of routes is virtually unlimited, and we are fortunate to live in the mecca of this sport: Catalonia.

But … How can we learn all the essential techniques  we use in rock climbing ?




The answer is right here, in this initiation course,  we will learn everything you need about this sport: know how to interpret and read climbing guides, orientation, the graduation of the difficulty in sport climbing, proper use of climbing equipment, how to belay a leader and a top rope climber, progression techniques as leader and many more  essential skills. And we will do all this the best way we know: practicing! 

We provide all the necessary equipment, such as ropes, helmets, harness, etc. All you need to bring is water and food. 

This is a 2 day format course, just in case you need accomodation we can provide info and options.



Rates (2 days):

2 Persons = 100€/person

3 to 6 Persons = 90€/person

* Included: insurances and  gear.


For further information, please contact us :