Multi pitch Climbing Beginners Course

Gain the Skills you need to start Multi Pitch Climbing


Accessing the summit by climbing a vertical path through a wall is an incredible experience one can live when climbing multipitch.

Our multi pitch climbing course for beginners will give you the skills and knowledge you need for a safe progression from leading single pitch routes to climbing multi-pitch routes on bigger walls.

Being based in Catalonia, we have easy access to the best rock climbing destinations which offer a wide range of multi-pitch routes achievable for climbers of all levels .This comprehensive two day course will introduce you to the world of multipitch climbing in beautiful locations such as Montserrat.

This course is ideal for those wanting to take their climbing to the next level, making sure they can keep themselves and their climbing partners safe when going multi-pitch climbing. Our team will make sure you develop a solid understanding of all the techniques and skills that are required.


Course contents:
  • Equipment selection
  • Effective multi-pitch anchor systems
  • Anchor selection & building belays
  • Multi-pitch stance management techniques
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Basic self-rescue skills
  • Abseils and retreats
  • Route reading and mental preparation for multi-pitch climbs



We will provide all the required equipment: Helmets, Ropes, Harnesses, etc.

We do not provide climbing shoes, you will need to bring your pair.

If you have your own rock climbing gear, feel free to bring them along.


Note: Lunch is not provided.  Please bring water and food for the day and warm clothes depending on weather predictions.



2  Peolple= 140€/person

3 to 5 People= 120€/person

Insurance and gear are included in the Price.


For further information, please  Contact us :
  • +34 626 387 610



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