Guided routes

Climb a route with a guide is the safest way to achieve summits or routes with a certain commitment or danger.

Climbing is a dangerous sport, we all know this, but since we can not eliminate the danger, we should be able to manage all the variables in the best way, it is necessary to learn this from the hands of a professional rock climber, someone who already experienced these situations and know how to minimize these dangers.

This route that for many years you wanted to climb, go up to that summit or needle, or climb-it  by that mythical route  you heard about… now is the time!

The best way to success is with the best planning and execution.

Here we suggest different routes around the country, so that you can get an idea of the type of activity that we perform, but if you have already chosen the route you want to climb, just let me know and we’ll work your proposal.


  • Punsola – Reniu, Cavall Bernat, Montserrat.
  • Boy – Roca, l’Elefant a Sant Benet, Montserrat.
  • Magic Line, Gorro Frigi, Montserrat.
  • Slastic, Morral de Penaroja, Tivissa.
  • Hercules Incuarteable, La Mussara.
  • Primavera, la Falconera, Montsant.
  • Mosquitos, Mallo Visera, Riglos.


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