sport climbing taster day

This one-day taster is intended to give you an amazing climbing experience, with sufficient insight to help you decide whether it's a thrill you're likely to get hooked on.

Our Rock Climbing Taster day is an ideal starting point for those with little or no experience of climbing.

This taster day is a suitable option for complete beginners who have never climbed before, and also for those that have previously climbed in the gym and want to get a taste of climbing on real rock.

During the day, you will learn the basic techniques to climb safely and we will help you discover this magnificent sport. Climbing is a full body workout and can improve your strength, endurance and speed in most muscle groups on your body.

The benefits of climbing are not all physical, some of them are emotional and psychological, and it has been proved that spending time outdoors helps reduce stress. The nature of the exercise requires you to use your entire body to climb and a lot of mental strength; it´s a suitable sport for all ages and there are routes for all levels. Being based in the South of Catalonia, we have easy access to the best rock climbing destinations such as Siurana, Margalef, Montserrat and many others, which means our team can always find the best crags with easy grades suitable for total beginners.

The Rock Climbing Taster day is an ideal choice for you to try something different and new in a beautiful location, and it could also be the perfect gift for a friend, a partner, or a family member.

day contents

    • The required equipment and how to use it correctly
    • Safely fit a harness and tie into a rope
    • Belay and lower effectively and safely
    • Climbing moves and technique skills on real rock


      We will provide all the required equipment: Helmets, Ropes, Harnesses, etc.

      If you have a pair of climbing shoes, feel free to bring them along.

      If you have your own rock climbing gear, feel free to bring them along.

      Note: Lunch is not provided.  Please bring water and food for the day and warm clothes depending on weather predictions.


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