Climbing Trips in Catalonia

Are you planning a climbing trip around Catalonia?

We can provide you with the best climbing experience here in Catalunya, an incredible and worldwide famous destination for rock climbing. Crags like Margalef, Siurana, Montsant, Montserrat, and many more, are available at your choice.

If you like rock climbing and you want to fully enjoy your climbing holidays, whether traveling alone, with friends or with family, you can enjoy both single-pitch and multi-pitch climbing with a competent and experienced local guide who knows the crags and will guide you and recommend you the best routes. Avoid the hassle of wasting time looking for the right approach to the crags, and there is options available for whichever grade you feel comfortable climbing. If you want to try harder routes, we can set up top ropes or place the quickdraws in for you.

The climbing crags in Southern Catalonia offer the best rock in the world, from sports climbing to multi-pitch climbing routes, there’s multiple crags available within one hour drive, and some of them less than 5 min walk! Also, the variety of rock types offer many options for day trips: limestone, conglomerate, sandstone… which one do you prefer?

Margalef, Siurana and Montsant are the most famous sports climbing destinations in Catalunya, due to their multiple orientations, you can climb in amazing crags during all year and you can find excellent routes up from 5.8.

Montserrat is a magic mountain in the heart of Catalonia located just one hour drive from Barcelona, this massif is world-wide known for its excellent multi-pitch routes; from two pitches to more than ten pitches routes of perfect conglomerate rock where you can choose a wide variety of styles, from completely bolted routes to all traditional climbs that require Trad climbing skills.

TivissaRocks will help you with all logistics needed to enjoy your holidays while providing you with the best personal guiding service. We can help you improve your climbing and safety skills, and find the perfect routes on your grade so you can get the best of your annual leave. If you are a more experienced climber we can belay you on hard routes and suggest a challenging project for you. Getting the information from a local climber means there’s no need for uncomfortable embarks on bad routes that nobody climbs, you can just get what you want: enjoy climbing the best of every crag.

Finding a good accommodation for your trip is important, we can recommend you the best places to stay according to your needs and preferences.

If you don’t know what to do on your rest days, we can suggest you interesting options for you to enjoy the amazing landscape and nature of Catalonia: kayaking, mountain cycling, hiking… or more relaxed activities such as visiting wine yards, historical places, museums, etc.

All you need is to book your flight tickets to Barcelona Airport or Reus Airport, and we will do the rest for you.

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