Climbing partner

Not only are you hiring the services of a qualified and experienced guide, but you will spend the day climbing in the crag you want (Tivissa, Margalef, Siurana, Arbolí, Montsant, Montserrat, etc..)  with a perfect connoisseur of the area, the routes and their characteristics.

Do you want to climb a lot of routes but you prefeer to climb-it on top-rope? No problem, I will .

You want to lead the routes but you’r afraid of  falling? We’ll manage this fear to transform it into respect and understand that falling is part of the game and the fun! We’ll make it safe.

Or you just want to have someone who is an expert in the area and can recommend-you different types of routes on some specific grades, the good-ones for warm-up, the best of the sectors or a particular grade to work and send it with efficiency.

Contact me! : or 626387610

Or find us in our facebook page: tivissarocks