Siurana is a charming little village located in the Priorat region (east of Cornudella de Montsant) in Catalonia, Spain. Siurana consists of a small town of cobbled houses and streets situated at the top of an impressive escarpment between the cliffs of Arbolí and the Serra Major del Montsant in the Prades mountains.

Siurana is often visited by tourists from all over the world for its historical relevance and its excellent views of the surrounding valley, but let’s highlight the incredible rock climbing conditions that have made Siurana a reference and destination for rock climbers from all around the world.

Climbing Siurana

Its legendary cliffs are extremely popular among climbers of all nationalities due to the abundance of excellent climbs that go from the easiest grades up to 9b. The development of Siurana as one of the world’s best climbing destinations has been attributed to Toni Arbones and David Bresco.

The best seasons to climb in Siurana are late fall, winter, and early spring, being winter the favourite season for climbing, remarking the fact that the vast majority of the cliffs are south-facing, so while everywhere in Europe is too cold to climb, Siurana will allow you to climb in the sun enjoying perfect climbing conditions; depending on the temperature, wind direction, etc. it’s always possible to find a cliff that will offer good conditions. This is why this Spanish sport climbing venue attracts many of the world’s best climbers every winter.

But climbing in Siurana is not only ideal for the hard climbers, because if you are a beginner or an intermediate climber, Siurana has loads of amazing climbs for you. The climbing in Siurana is made up of many different sectors, all with different approaches, views and characteristics, and most of the sectors will offer you lines within each grade band. The great thing is that it’s easy to visit more than one crag in one day and pick the best routes at your grade, also, if you happen to be invaded by a big crowd of climbers or the crag is particularly busy, you can switch sectors easily and find a quieter crag.

Siurana climbing

Climbing course in Siurana

The crags in Siurana are divided between the ‘village’ sectors and the ‘valley’ sectors, based on where you access them from. If you choose to drive to the crags, you will have a short walk to the cliffs, but if you choose to walk, all the crags around Siurana are easily accessible by foot from the campsite or the village parking.

On the majority of the sectors in Siurana the rock is very solid, limestone of immaculate quality and stunning to look at, especially on the frequent sunny days.

To describe climbing in Siurana in a few words, we would say: lots of crimps. You can also find lots of pockets, as well as some tufas and a few slopers if you choose to climb in one of the crags with sandstone routes. Siurana is often described as a classic ‘old-school’ destination, with highly technical climbing.

One thing is for sure, the climbing in Siurana will definitely humble you and inspire you and will teach you a lot of technique.

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other useful information about siurana

Where to stay:

  • Camping Siurana offers bungalows, tent camping, and van-camping options.
  • Refugi Ciriac Bonet
  • “Lo Refugi” (Cornudella de Montsant)
  • Self catered houses and AirBnB options are available in Cornudella de Montsant

Where to eat:

  • Camping Siurana
  • Restaurant Siurana
  • Restaurant els Tallers
  • Restaurant Quatre Molins

Where to shop:

  • There are shops available in Cornudella de Montsant and a small supermarket.

Closest airports:

  • Reus (45 Km)
  • Barcelona (133Km)
  • Girona (230Km)

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