Margalef is one of the most important climbing areas in Spain. Located in the Priorat region in Tarragona, Margalef has become a very famous destination, well known throughout climbers from all around the world.

Margalef offers more than 80 sectors and 1500 routes that will suit all levels from absolute beginners to the hardest climbers in the world and sponsored athletes.

It all started in 1996 when Jordi Pou found this amazing climbing area with stunning conglomerate walls. To his surprise, there were no stablished routes, so he starteddeveloping the first sectors and at the same time he reformed a property in the village and opened the first refuge “Can Severet.” As Margalef became more and more popular, Jordi embarked upon another project: The refuge “El Raco de la Finestra”, which was finished and ready for business in 2012.

Margalef is a great place to climb, routes are highly enjoyable due to the sheer volume of pockets for both hands and feet that conglomerate rock offers. The quantity of lower graded routes makes Margalef an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate climbers, and if you are a more experienced climber, the awesome steep walls and super hard routes will definitely give you some work to do.

Due to the varying orientation of the crags, Margalef has prime conditions from autumn all the way through to the end of spring; if you take advantage of the many sectors in the shade, the conditions are also great for climbing during the summer months.

If you are planning a sport climbing trip, Margalef will definitely not disappoint you.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that not many climbing destinations in the world have a guide as complete as Margalef. Vicent Palau and Maya Ayupova elaborated an amazing guidebook under the name Margalef, compiling all the sectors and routes in the area and detailing all the relevant information you need to be aware of before going climbing.

If you plan to climb in Margalef, it is definitely worth buying it.

This Margalef guidebook opens with a practical index with summary information of all the sectors: the number of routes and grades, the orientation, if they are recommended (or not) to go with children, etc. After this introduction, a table explains the best times to climb in Margalef, it even indicates what clothes you should wear. This information can be obvious for the locals, but for all those visitors that do not know the area and visit it for the first time, it can save or add weight into their backpacks efficiently.

 The guide is printed in full color and all approaches and the crags and routes are reflected on photos, hence they feature details that will surely help you to easily locate yourself on the ground and quickly find the routes from the track.

other useful information about margalef

Where to stay:

Where to eat:

  • Refugi Margalef (Accommodation and restaurant)
  • Café Vernet (Bar)
  • Ca Calvet (Accommodation and restaurant)
  • Fonda Margalef (Accommodation and restaurant)
  • El Pont (Camping and Bar)

Where to shop:


  • La Botiga. Carrer del Pont 4, Margalef. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables, Margalef olive oil, Priorat wine, fresh bread, diary, household goods, etc.There is only one shop available in the village of Margalef.
Closest airports:
  • Reus: 70 km
  • Barcelona: 164 km
  • Girona: 261 km

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