technical Self-rescue course

Technical sef-rescue for climbers and mountaineers

1 day course

Even on short 50 foot sport climbs or on hundreds feet walls, rock climbing is full of unforeseen events that can determine our progress or success:

  • What should we do if it’s getting late and dark and we need to rappel down the route?
  • What should we do if our follower is injured and needs help?

When we go to the mountain, we must be prepared, so it is necessary to know the basic self-rescue techniques that can save us to spend a cold night hanging on the wall. These techniques are simple, using versatile material, not only useful in case of an accident but can be used at any time during the route.

This course is about how to use this type of gear properly, but also we will work on technical skills such as setting bombproof belays with little material, how to protect factor 2 falls, rappelling safely, etc.

course contents

  • Self-Rescue Hauling – 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 6:1
  • Pulley Systems
  • Load Transfers
  • Lowering Systems – with a munter-hitch and autoblocking device
  • Anchor Systems
  • Rope Climbing Techniques – with a friction-hitch system, with an autoblocking device
  • Belay Escapes – off an autoblocking device and off the body
  • Passing Knots
  • Multi-Pitch Descents with a Patient
  • Pick-Offs: patient pickoffs for self-rescue
  • Rappelling: classic rappel and counterbalance rappel techniques
  • Knots: figure-eight family, overhand, double-overhand-on-a-bite, bowline, double bowline, long-tail bowline
  • Bends: double-fisherman’s, overhand flat bend
  • Hitches: prusik
  • Load Releasable Hitches – munter-mule


We will provide all the required equipment: Helmets, Ropes, Harnesses, etc.

We do not provide climbing shoes, you will need to bring your pair.

If you have your own rock climbing gear, feel free to bring them along.

Note: Lunch is not provided.  Please bring water and food for the day and warm clothes depending on weather predictions.


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