Rappeling, although it may seem very simple, can be one of the most dangerouse climbing or mountaineering technique.

This technique is usually performed at the end of the day, when we have finished the route and it’s time to go home, it is also the time we start to relax after the stress of the day and we just want to arrive to the car: rushing, fatigue, bad weather…

All together, if we are not perfectly sure how to rappel safetely and efficiently, can cause accidents.

In this course we will learn:

  • Set the belay for a rappel.
  • Different rappel knots.
  • Guided rappel.
  • Rappeling with a self-blocking knot.
  • How to ascend a rope.
  • Rappeling with an injured partner.
  • Basic self-rescue techniques.

We’ll learn all these points by rappeling multiple pitches that can offer different situations, so we can experience how to proceed on each: overhanging rappels, traverses…




This course can be taught after a via ferrata or a multi-pitch climb, or if you prefer, on a single rappeling course format.

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