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Climbing course spain


Full day activity where you’ll learn mountaineering skills for the proper progression on mountain ridges, safe zones and belays, correct placements of trad climbing protection. “Sant Blai’s the perfect training zone, in Tivissa, where we’ve got the necessary variety of  terrain for this practice. With about 600 meters tat ridge

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Cursos escalada en via larga


Rappeling, although it may seem very simple, can be one of the most dangerouse climbing or mountaineering technique. This technique is usually performed at the end of the day, when we have finished the route and it’s time to go home, it is also the time we start to relax

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Curso iniciación escalada Montserrat


technical Self-rescue course Technical sef-rescue for climbers and mountaineers 1 day course Even on short 50 foot sport climbs or on hundreds feet walls, rock climbing is full of unforeseen events that can determine our progress or success: What should we do if it’s getting late and dark and we

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Via Ferrata Course

Via ferrata safety course Basic and Advanced Skills Course 1 day course During this course you learn the basic skills to be able to safely negotiate advanced via ferratas. We take a look at basic rock climbing techniques that will help us in via ferrata terrain. We will learn to properly use

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Rock climbing Courses

Climbing course in Montserrat

Multi pitch Climbing Beginners Course

Multi pitch climbing beginners course Gain the Skills you need to start Multi Pitch Climbing 2 days course Accessing the summit by climbing a vertical path through a wall is an incredible experience one can live when climbing multipitch. Our multi pitch climbing course for beginners will give you the skills and knowledge

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Outdoor climbing course

Rock climbing Beginners Course

Rock climbing beginners course Gain the Skills you need for rock climbing outdoors 2 days course Outdoor Rock Climbing Course for beginners on the world class venues of Catalonia This Beginners Rock Climbing Course is the perfect way to start climbing on real rock. Being based in the South of Catalonia, we

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Climbing initiation Spain

Margalef Climbing Camp

Margalef Camp 350 € per person 5 days of Climbing During this 5 day climbing camp in Margalef, you will improve your climbing technique outdoors. We will learn to use correctly all the required equipment that you need for rock climbing outdoors, focusing on effective and safe belaying of a

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